Bariatric Bypass Surgery

What is it?

As part of the process to obtain a bariatric bypass surgery – patients need to demonstrate that they do not have any emotional difficulties that might interfere with their ability to make a decision to have the procedure; Basically that there is no eating disorder, depression, anxiety that interferes and/or is motivating them to have the procedure.


Who's it for?

It is for potential bariatric surgery patients.

Who is qualified to provide this clearance?

Licensed mental health provider - usually doctoral level.


Step By Step Process

1. Once a patient decides based on health issues (along with his/her primary care provider – that he/she can benefit from the surgery – As part of the process they need to see a psychologist to get clearance.
2. They would then call/e-mail the office - complete all intake forms (intake form, consent for treatment, consent to release information to medical doctor who will be performing procedure)
3. Once all forms are received the patient needs to sign up with Simple Practice (create username and password) and schedule an appointment to his/her convenience.
4. The evaluation is a 45-50 minute videoconference where the clinician will ask patient questions with regards to their present and past mental health, family background, current level of functioning, level of social support, along with their thoughts and views of the proposed procedure.
5. Clinician will then write a letter to the doctor who will perform the surgery – based on her findings. 98% of the time there are no issues – therefore a clearance letter is issued immediately.
6. 2% of the time there are some un-resolved issues for which clinician recommends patient receive short-term counseling to address these prior to surgery.
7. Patient can then seek provider for that counseling and/or decide if they want to address these with present clinician.
8. Once those issues are resolved – letter can be issued – clearing patient for surgery.

Dr. Valencia, Psy D, MHS.

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