Emotional Support Pet Certification

What is it?

Is a document which states that the patient is in need of an emotional support pet to help them cope with their mental health issues.

A ‘prescription’ if you will for emotional support pet.


Who's it for?

It is for people who suffer from mental health problems where a pet might help alleviate symptoms related to that emotional problem (depression, anxiety, social anxiety). OR people who have a pet which is helping them cope with life changes or symptoms of mental health problems and they need to document this in order to keep their pet in their apartments or to be able to travel with their pet.

Who is qualified to provide this clearance?

Licensed mental health provider.


Step By Step Process

1. Usually a person seeking this service already has a pet and needs documentation to show the need to retain that pet in order to cope with an existing mental health condition.
2. He/She has been informed usually by a landlord or airline company of the need to show the need to have his/her pet with him/her.
3. They would then call/e-mail the office - complete all intake forms (intake form, consent for treatment, consent to release information to entity requesting documentation).
4. Once all forms are received the patient needs to create an account with Simple Practice (create username and password) and then schedule an appointment to his/her convenience.
5. The evaluation is a 45-50 minute video conference where the clinician will ask client questions with regards to his/her present and past mental health, family background, current level of functioning, level of social support, along with how he/she sees their pet being supportive and helping ameliorate mental health symptoms.
6. Clinician will then write a letter – based on her findings. 99% of the time clients/patient can clearly indicate the need/benefit for an emotional support pet and a certification is issued indicating so.
7. It is up to the patient/client whether he/she wants to (in addition to his/her pet) continue addressing the mental health issues in therapy.
8. If he/she decides to do so – he/she can schedule f/u appointments with present clinician or seek treatment with another provider.

Dr. Valencia, Psy D, MHS.

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